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On this page we provide information about the Stockholm Pass from Go City. We are a partner of Go City and answer the following questions:

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Stockholm Pass: Quick overview

Stockholm Pass Mobile App
  • Choose from 60+ attractions (show all)
  • incl. hop-on/hop-off bus and boat
  • Several boat trips included
  • Validity: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 days
  • Digital ticket for your mobile phone
  • Digital travel guide included

Some top attractions: Stockholm Castle, Vasa Museum, Viking Museum, SkyView, Fotografiska, Stockholm Cathedral, Nobel Prize Museum etc.

Price: from SEK 969 (83 €) to SEK 2,029 (183 €) - depending on the period of validity.

How the Stockholm Pass works

The Stockholm Pass is a product of the company Go City. With this pass you can use more than 40 tourist offers. This City Pass is a real all-inclusive package!

Key benefits include:

  • Entrance to SkyView observation deck
  • Entrance to Stockholm Castle
  • Top museums: Vasa Museum, Skansen, Viking Museum, Fotografiska
  • Admission to more than 20 museums
  • Up to 5 days hop-on/hop-off bus
  • Up to 5 days hop-on/hop-off boat
  • Several boat trips included

You can use as many services as you like within 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 consecutive calendar days. The only restriction is the validity period of the pass.

The more sightseeing you do, the more the All Inclusive Pass pays off.

After purchase, you will receive all information and the pass itself by e-mail. You do not need to collect any tickets, as the Stockholm City Pass is an exclusively digital product.

Unfortunately, you cannot skip queues with the All Inclusive Pass.

Stockholm Pass: This is included

The Stockholm All Inclusive Pass from Go City covers more than 60 attractions and services that you can visit without having to buy additional tickets. These include popular sights and many museums as well as a city tour by bus and numerous boat trips.

Stockholm Pass: Vasa Museum
© Casper Hildebrand / Unsplash

Museums with the Stockholm Pass

With the Stockholm City Pass you can visit a number of popular museums:

  • Vasa Museum
  • Fotografiska
  • Nobel Prize Museum
  • Skansen Open Air Museum
  • Viking Museum
  • Toy Museum
  • National Museum of Science and Technology
  • Spirits Museum
  • ….

In addition, you can visit other museums (Show all attractions). You can visit all museums at any time during the validity of the All Inclusive Pass.

Attractions with the Stockholm Pass

You can visit the following attractions with the pass without additional tickets:

  • SkyView Viewing Platform
  • Stockholm Castle
  • Storkyrkan Stockholm Cathedral
  • Butterfly House Haga Ocean
  • Gröna Lund amusement park
  • … (Show all attractions)

You can visit all sights at any time during the validity period of the All Inclusive Pass.

City tours & boat trips

That's not all. The All Inclusive Pass from Go City includes some interesting tourist offers that allow you to explore Stockholm quite comfortably:

  • Hop-on/Hop-off busUse the City Sightseeing and Strømma buses for one to five days.
  • Hop-on/hop-off boat: Use Strømma's boats for one to five days.
  • Boat tour Royal Canal
  • Boat tour Under the bridges of Stockholm
  • Great Archipelago Boat Trip
  • Boat trip to Drottningholm Castle
  • Winter boat tour
  • … (Show all attractions)
Stockholm Pass: Hop-on/hop-off bus
@ Grisha Bruev /

A central part of the Stockholm Pass is Strømma's hop-on/hop-off buses and boats, which can be used for the entire duration of the pass (up to five days). The Stockholm Pass is only worthwhile if you take advantage of this offer. However, there are some aspects you should keep in mind.

There are two different operators for hop-on hop-off services in Stockholm. The Stockholm Card gives you access to Strømma's light green vehicles. Strømma also co-operates with City Sightseeing, which means that you can also use their red buses.

However, it is important to note that Red Sightseeing's red buses and boats are not included in the pass, which can cause some confusion at first.

What the Stockholm Pass does not include

The Stockholm Pass includes many museums and boat trips. Nevertheless, there are also some services that are missing from the Stockholm Pass. The ABBA Museum and Gröna Lund amusement park in particular would be a useful addition.

The following offers are not included in the Stockholm City Pass:

  • ABBA Museum
  • Public transport
  • Stockholm City Hall
  • Guided city walks

Until a few years ago, public transport was included in the Stockholm Card, but this is no longer the case. Public transport cannot be used with the Stockholm Pass.

Reservations with the Stockholm Pass

Basically, you can simply go to the participating sights in Stockholm and present your digital Stockholm Pass. The QR code on it will be scanned. You will then receive your ticket. Normally it is not necessary, nor feasible, to make reservations.

However, boat trips are an exception. For this, it is necessary to reserve a ticket at one of the Strømma kiosks. There have been complaints from some visitors about long queues at the kiosks and sold-out tours. Therefore, we recommend securing tickets as early as possible. The kiosks start their operation at 10 am. Especially in the high summer months, it can already be very busy at this time.

Stockholm Pass: Hop-on/Hop-off Boat
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It is unfortunate, but in the summer season it can happen that some boat tours are already sold out for the day. This is because guests without a Stockholm Card can purchase their tickets online in advance. In such a situation, it is necessary to be flexible and switch to another boat trip if necessary.

Another factor that complicates this situation is the fact that pass holders can only ever book for the current day. So if you want to take a boat trip every day, you have to queue at the Strømma kiosk every morning. We believe that this somewhat cumbersome procedure is the biggest disadvantage of the Stockholm Passes.

An important piece of advice when booking: Go City offers a digital handbook. This consists of a detailed PDF file with information on all participating attractions. In this handbook you can find out which attractions require a reservation and how to make one. You will receive this digital handbook after purchasing the pass. You can also find the same information in the Go City app.

Is the Stockholm Pass worth it?

There is a lot to be said for the Stockholm All Inclusive Pass if you want to visit many sights and take advantage of several tourist offers. But is it also worth it financially?

We answer this question in this section.

What does the Stockholm Pass cost?

The price of the Stockholm Pass depends on the length of validity. The longer the All Inclusive Pass is valid, the more you have to pay for it. However, the price-performance ratio improves with increasing validity.

  • 1 day: SEK 969
  • 2 days: SEK 1.869 per day
  • 3 days: SEK 1.419
  • 4 days: SEK 1.869
  • 5 days: SEK 2.029 = SEK 406 per day

There is a reduced Stockholm Pass for children from 6 to 15 years.

Tip: These regular prices apply on the official Go City website, but not always. The company regularly runs price promotions, so you can benefit from discounted prices every now and then. Check here the current daily price.

Example calculation for 3 days

In general, the longer the Stockholm Pass is valid, the more it is worthwhile. The most popular variant is the one with a validity period of three days. With each additional day, the product becomes only slightly more expensive. Using the example of the 3-day pass, we would like to show how much money you can save.

AttractionPrice with Stockholm PassPrice without Stockholm Pass
Vasa MuseumSEK 0,-SEK 220
Boat tour: Under the bridgesSEK 0,-SEK 356
Skansen Open Air MuseumSEK 0,-SEK 265
FotografiskaSEK 0,-SEK 219
SkyViewSEK 0,-SEK 170
Stockholm CathedralSEK 0,-SEK 100
Viking MuseumSEK 0,-SEK 189
Hop-on/hop-off bus (72 hrs.)SEK 0,-SEK 500
Hop-on/hop-off boat (72 hrs.)SEK 0,-SEK 369
TotalSEK 1.419 (purchase price)SEK 2.388

With the Stockholm All Inclusive Pass, significant savings are possible if you use two to three services each day and also travel on the hop-on/hop-off buses and hop-on/hop-off boats.

Conclusion: High savings are possible if the All Inclusive Pass is valid for at least three days and you use several expensive services every day.

Stockholm Pass discount code

Use the following discount code to save 5% when you buy the Stockholm Pass at CITYVERG05

Purchase, Download & Activation

The Stockholm Pass is a product of the Go City company. You can get the passport on the official website.

Various payment methods are available there: Credit/debit card, Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay.

After purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with information on how to download the Stockholm Pass. With your booking you will also receive access to a digital handbook with information about all participating attractions and reservations.

You can save your digital ticket as a QR code on your phone, print it out or download the free Go City app. The pass can be easily imported into the app. The app also contains information about all the services included in the pass.

The pass is activated as soon as you use it at the first attraction.

If you have not yet activated the Stockholm Pass, you can cancel your purchase free of charge up to 90 days after the date of purchase. To do so, contact the Go City customer service.

Stockholm Pass Mobile App

Arguments against the Stockholm Pass

The All Inclusive Pass from Go City is a very good product. Nevertheless, there are also arguments against the Stockholm Pass:

No quick entry: With the Stockholm Pass you do not enjoy fast track access for quick entry. You always have to queue at the box office to get your free ticket.

Queuing at the Strømma kiosk: To take part in the boat trips, you must queue at a Strømma kiosk every morning. Only there will you get your ticket. Unfortunately, you can only reserve the dates for the same day.

Only worth it if you do a lot of sightseeing: This product is only suitable if you are prepared to do a lot of sightseeing within a few days and use the expensive services. Then again, high savings are possible.

No public transport: Unfortunately, you cannot use Stockholm's public transport with this pass.

Short opening hours: Many museums, attractions and boat trips can only be used during the day. Opening hours are often restricted to 10 am to around 4 pm.

Conclusion: For whom is the Stockholm Pass suitable?

Under the following circumstances, the All Inclusive Pass may be suitable for your trip to Stockholm:

  • You want to visit some of Stockholm's best museums. The pass gives free access to Vasa Museum, Viking Museum, Skansen, Fotografiska and Nobel Prize Museum, among others.
  • You would like to use the hop-on/hop-off buses and boats for several days.
  • You want to make several boat trips in the Stockholm area. The large number of boat trips is the most important advantage of the Stockholm Pass.
  • You want to explore Stockholm intensively: You should use about three services a day so that the All Inclusive Pass really pays for itself. Then a significant saving is possible.

Questions & Answers

Does the Stockholm Pass grant fast entry?

No, basically you do not enjoy fast-track admission. For all attractions and museums you have to go to the box office to get your ticket. This also applies to boat trips.

Can the purchase be cancelled free of charge?

Yes, the purchase of the Stockholm Pass can be cancelled free of charge at Go City within 90 days from the date of purchase. However, this only applies if you have not yet activated your pass.

Is the Stockholm Pass suitable for families?

The Stockholm Pass can be suitable for families. There is a discounted pass for children between the ages of 6 and 15. However, you should bear in mind that the pass is only worthwhile if you use a lot of services in a short time.

What is the Stockholm Card?

The Stockholm Card no longer exists, but the Stockholm Pass has evolved from it. The Stockholm Pass and the Stockholm Card are therefore the same product.

Are there also good City Cards for other European cities?

Yes, for Copenhagen, for example. Here you can find out everything about the official Copenhagen Card. There are several products for London that are presented here:

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